Monday, December 21, 2015

ESP32 on its way to me

Since the EspressIf Systems were so kind to send me a predecessor of the new ESP32, code name ESP31, which by the way is on its way to me, I will tell you a little about it.

I've received the documentation about the ESP32  before the module, so I've start reading it and I can tell you that I can't stop reading it. More I read, more ideas are coming about what can I do with it.

ESP32 will have its own market and is NOT a replacement for the ESP8266, but I am sure that both will work together like a charm. So, don't waste your time, start working with ESP8266 and later move your work to ESP32 if it is necessary.

I can not post here the documentation, but I can tell you that ESP32 business is an unicorn.

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